Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Life Cycle

I was experiencing a timeless reality. A different dimension.

My friend was talking about the housing market supposedly cooling off and of the necessity for taking advantage of this down trend in the property market before prices start to go up again. An illusory dream for most young Southern Californians.

It occurred to me that we should live in sync with a deeper cycle than the artificial cycles created and sustained by societies. That perhaps this way of living is not just more beneficial on a societal level, but on a personal level as well, resulting in greater personal satisfaction and better human relationships.

I became obsessed watching the waves roll in. The gushing sound. I was in the presence of a cycle as profound as the ocean upon which the artificial cycles of humans are based. I merged with the organic and artificial.

It became a crystal clear realization that I should organize my life around the organic principle.

Today, we know that the life cycle is threatened. Yet, the periodic escalation in the price of gasoline reminds us how fragile the artificial cycles societies create are.


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