Tuesday, March 13, 2012

HItler Weighs in on the 2012 Election and the Downfall of the American Empire

After Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney was asking his rivals to drop out. I have not payed much attention to the Republican primaries, but even I am aware that this has been the most entertaining Republican presidential primary season in the history of the country. It has been a parade of funny, idiotic, delusional clowns. I was hoping it would go on much longer. I miss Michelle Bachman. I wish Herman Cain had not dropped out. Rick Perry, were are you? Texas can't have you all to itself. Sarah Palin, please run for President! Rick Santorum, you da man! Paul, who?

Is it possible that a Hitler parody utilizing the brilliantly written, directed, acted, shot, and edited scene from the movie Downfall, expresses more truth and gives a more realistic assessment of the state of the American society than most of the traditional media coverage regarding the 2012 Presidential election?

The U.S., with less than 5% of the world's population consumes 21% of the world's oil. At our peak it was more than 25%. Any presidential candidate who is talking about improving the economy and creating jobs without realistically describing how significant reductions in America's radical oil dependence are to occur or realistically describing how such a pattern of consumption is going to be perpetuated is masturbating.

The high prices at the pump are once again challenging American consumers and businesses, creating fear and anger, according to a recent Los Angeles Times headline. It can be deduced, that this radical oil consumption is the primary cause of America's economic woes, and perpetuating this enormous pattern of consumption is the primary motivation for its foreign policy, from Venezuela to the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of the developed world has per capita oil consumption rates which are 40-60% that of the U.S.'s. The vast majority of the developed world responsibly taxes gasoline and funds vast and efficient mass transit systems.

Unfortunately, the American society is dominated by irrational attitudes and perspectives. Proposing to responsibly tax gasoline and fund mass transit, at this point in history, is still a politically suicidal move, or is it?

When we consider to what degree an alternative fuel or alternative technology will replace gasoline, we must keep in mind that there are 250 million registered cars in the United States, and the colossal problem this poses for the mass scale production and adoption of any alternative fuel or technology.

The prospect of the rest of the world eventually abandoning the U.S. dollar as the sole reserve currency of the world, should truly create fear within people who already think that the price of gasoline is too high. In fact, the run up in world oil prices undeniably reflects a weakening dollar.

Is it probable that a majority of American votes can be swayed to support one of these delusional ignoramuses? When it comes to foreign policy, does it make much difference who the President is? Is the American President not bought and paid for? Does the President of the U.S. not answer to invisible, enormously powerful interests instead of the American people?

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