Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Whatever You Want to Hear

Today I was thinking about how, in many parts of the world, such as here in Los Angeles, the average person has the opportunity to communicate with more people in the world than ever was possible. and that it is a relatively new phenomenon. The quantity and diversity of people with which one can communicate is astonishing.

In the past there were brilliant and successful writers who came to share their ideas and their words with millions of people. Yet for a lot of them it took them a lifetime of work to accomplish it. Miguel Cervantes did not publish the first part of Don Quijote until he was 58 years old. Others had prodigious production. Supposedly Anton Chekhov had already written 500 short stories by the age of 28. In any case, they had to sell millions of books to accomplish it.

Today, its possible to communicate with millions of people without being a brilliant writer, without selling a single book, in a relatively short time. The person can even be from the lower class.

Besides words, photography, animation, and video are also powerful methods of communication. Why are people in Greenland watching a video about a North American rapper talking about revolution? Such questions come up after observing the statistics which Youtube provides people who upload videos.

The video which I have placed here takes place in an apartment with a single lady who is neither nude, nor taking her clothes off, nor dancing or singing. The original video in Spanish has received 78,726,144 views and is the 7th top video of all time on Youtube. This version has English subtitles.

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